East Africa Deployments

East Africa Deployments - Phase 1

Following a connection building deployment to East Africa, we have determined that a full-scale operational deployment to this region is a go. Our focus will be on the countries of Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Sudan with the goal of deploying from a forward operating base near these countries in order to help reduce living and travel costs.

Primary Objectives:

1. Collaborate with local partners, community leaders, and authorities to coordinate response efforts and build sustainable solutions by establishing a forward operating base.

2. Provide emergency medical care, support immediate health needs such as injuries, malnutrition, disease outbreaks, and deliver essential humanitarian supplies to displaced communities and host populations.

3. Conduct assessments to identify the most pressing needs in humanitarian assistance, ensuring a targeted and effective response.

4. Assess the financial and relational reliability of grassroots organizations that are willing to support us in conducting high risk missions in the region.

Deployment phases:

Our goal for the first phase of deployment, is to deploy within the month of June 2024 for up to five weeks, responding to needs and preparing the way for continued long term deployment, as more Guardians enter Chazak Rescue through Chazak Academy.